Performance Upgrades

Let us enhance the power output, handling and speed of your vehicle by calibrating and fine tuning it to perfection using the latest software and technology. From decreasing air flow resistance and improving fuel consumption to reducing ground clearance and refining handling, your vehicle will perform better than ever before after it’s serviced by Maranello Auto.

Our wide selection of performance exhausts will enhance the power of your engine by creating a more efficient pathway for exhaust gases. An increase in airflow and efficient fuel consumption means you’ll get the chance to see what your engine can really do.

Give your vehicle the support it deserves with high-end suspensions from Maranello Auto. Along with upgrading your suspensions, we can also replace all seals, Teflon rings as well as the shock absorber oil. Our suspensions offer exceptional performance under a variety of conditions, ensuring that your driving experience is always unparalleled.

The right brakes need to be able to handle the performance and speed of your vehicle and should be fitted by specialists who are passionate about high-performance vehicles. This is Maranello Auto comes in. Let us improve the safety of your vehicle by assisting you with the replacement and maintenance of your braking system.

Air flow makes a difference to the performance of your vehicle. Eliminate air flow restrictions and increase horsepower by installing a high-performance intake system from Maranello Auto. We only stock and install intakes from leading manufacturers, ensuring that your vehicle is always running smoothly and efficiently.

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