Lamborghini Diagnostics

Maranello Auto is one of the leading Lamborghini service and repair workshops in Queensland. Equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, our workshop is fully equipped to repair any Lamborghini model.

All diagnostic and repair work is carried out by highly skilled and qualified technicians who have a thorough understanding of Lamborghini’s servicing schedules and specifications. Our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience enables us to undertake even the most complex problems, including those associated with the engine, suspension, gearbox and brakes of your vehicle.

Our trained technicians work alongside a team of highly-qualified auto electricians, who know exactly how to address any form of electrical fault that we may discover.

New laws implemented by the Department of Fair Trading state that you no longer need to use a main dealership to service and repair your vehicle if it’s still under the new car warranty. Servicing your Lamborghini at Maranello Auto will not affect the manufacturer’s warranty of your vehicle and will save you thousands of dollars at the same time.

Maranello Autos Gold Coast leaders in prestige car spare parts.
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